Mark-2 2023

Mark Kring

Senior Pastor
Michael 2023

Michael Glenn

Worship Pastor
Jeff 2023

Jeff Schneider

Executive Pastor
Keith 2023

Keith Nelson

Care Pastor
Kyle 2023

Kyle Denny

Youth Pastor

Grace Whelan

Director of Finance and Operations

Deborah Wright

Children’s Ministry Director
Rich 2023

Rich Bruce

Missions & Discipleship Pastor
Loralee 2023

Loralee Kring

Women’s Ministry Director
Joe T 2023

Joe Testa

College & Young Adult Pastor
Dave 2023

Dave Schubert

College & Young Adults Pastor
Arika-2 2023

Arika Hindy

GreenHouse Staff

Bradley Hicks

GreenHouse Staff & Worship Leader
Derrick 2023

Derrick Kring

Director of Technology
Seth 2023

Seth Johns

Assistant to the Director of Technology

Rod Villarreal

Broadcast Audio Engineer
Darla 2023

Darla Prether

Graphic Designer
Samantha 2023

Samantha Eling

Communications Coordinator

Evan Wonsey

Video Production Assistant
Emily 2023

Emily Monette

Administrative Assistant
Michelle 2023

Michelle Wilkinson

Administrative Assistant
Larry 2023

Larry Brown

Facility Manager
Craig 2023

Craig Prether

Facilities Services Tech
Jonathan -3 2023

Jonathan Al-Ashari

Compassionate Care Assistant
Bob 2023

Bob Iiams

Facilities Services Tech
Silas 2023

Silas Monette

Middle School Coordinator
Abby Dunn

Abby Dunn

Female Youth Coordinator

Eva Stevens

NH Kids Early Childhood Assistant
Suzy 2023

Suzy Williams

Finance Assistant

Karen Gleason

Care Ministry Assistant
Carla 2023

Carla Wey

Facilities Services Tech
Jace 2023

Jace Schnee

Facilities Services Tech
Henrietta 2023

Henrietta DuCap

Children’s Ministry Admin Assistant

Ronnie Porrello

Administrative Assistant

Ben Sinnaeve

Information Technology Assistant