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Do you feel alone? Looking for help?

Do you know a caring individual who will listen, empathize, encourage, pray, and patiently support you? Do you crave a listening ear to help you navigate difficult times? NH’s Stephen Ministers offer anyone experiencing life’s challenges free one-on-one Christian care including:

A Listening Ear

Biblical Encouragement

Prayer Support

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We’re Here to Support You

Stephen Ministers are congregation members trained to provide one-to-one care to those experiencing a difficult time in life, such as:

  • grief
  • divorce
  • loneliness
  • job loss
  • spiritual crisis
  • chronic or terminal illness
  • other significant life changes

Our Stephen Ministers are unique individuals who come from all walks of life, but they all share a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need. We’re here to encourage, support and walk alongside you as you navigate physically and spiritually challenging circumstances. A Stephen Minister will meet with you – confidentially and privately – on a regular basis to listen, care, support and remind you of Christ’s presence in your life.

God never intended us to go through these experiences alone. Consider allowing a Stephen Minister to walk with you on your journey.

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Have you ever wanted to provide one-on-one Christian care to people going through tough times? Are you a Christian adult that feels led by the Holy Spirit to help others through a difficult time? Could you confidentially come alongside someone who is hurting, to listen, care, encourage and pray? Consider becoming a Stephen Minister!

Contact our Stephen Ministry Team Coordinators to learn more about this unique care opportunity.

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Find out more about Stephen Ministry and if it would be a good fit for you.

  • Who is Stephen Ministry appropriate for?

    Anyone who is experiencing the normal crises in life: loss of job, friends, loved ones, marriage, and abilities, to name a few. Many of these situations are helped by having a person who will encourage, listen, care, and pray for the individual dealing with them. The confidential support provides an opportunity for Christ’s healing. Stephen Ministers provide the care; Christ provides the cure.

  • Are there situations that aren’t appropriate for Stephen Ministers?

    Yes. Couples who don’t want individual Stephen Ministers (only one care receiver per Stephen Minister of the same gender) and people who require more extensive counseling or help such as severe depression or financial aid.

  • How often & where do care receivers meet with Stephen Ministers?

    Care receivers usually meet with Stephen Ministers for an hour a week in a place of their mutual choice.

  • Who can become a Stephen Minister?

    Adults who have received a call to serve others and have time for 50 hours of training and a two year commitment to serve. It’s also important to be process oriented instead of results oriented. Stephen Ministers don’t fix people; Christ does.

  • How do I become a Stephen Minister?

    To become a Stephen Minister, you will start by applying with our Stephen Ministry Team Coordinators. This will allow you and the leadership team an opportunity to make sure this is something you are inspired to be a part of and would enjoy doing.

    Training takes place at New Hope Church, typically taught in 20 weekly sessions and possibly including one or more retreats. Through a combination of pre-class reading, devotions, presentations, skills practice and more, you’ll learn principles and skills that will equip you to provide high-quality, Christ-centered emotional and spiritual care to others. Through this process you’ll gain new understanding into the thoughts, feelings, and actions of people who are hurting as well as tools to equip you with relational and caring skills you can apply to all aspects of your life.

    When you join Stephen Ministers, your faith will be deepened as the Holy Spirit fashions you into a Christ-centered caregiver and you’ll be joining a special community of engaging and fun believers!

  • What does the training look like to become a Stephen Minister?

    The 50 hours of training covers topics such as: Listening, Empathy, Confidentiality, Christian Care, Recognizing Depression, When to refer care receivers to professional help and What to expect from your first visit (and several more topics).

  • What is the time commitment of a Stephen Minister?

    Stephen Minister Training takes place on Monday nights from 6:15 pm until 8:45 pm. There are 20 sessions. Once commissioned, Stephen Ministers serve as caregivers or team support for two years. As a caregiver, Stephen Ministers meet once a week for an hour with their care receiver and twice a month with all of our other Stephen Ministers at the Supervision meetings. Stephen Ministers without care receivers participate in the Supervision meetings, providing critical support for their colleagues.

  • Who can I contact to learn more?

    Connect with our Stephen Ministry team at [email protected].

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