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Reasons You Should Join a Women’s Study

A secure, close relationship with God based on the finished work of Christ can satisfy the deep, inner longings of your heart. The world, by contrast, promises fulfillment and satisfaction without delivering it. We all long for connection, growth, purpose, and truth. Ladies studies at New Hope can help you:

1. Connect with others

2. Grow in your relationship with God

3. Explore the truth claims of God’s Word

God’s Word offers timeless, deep, and profound truths about topics such as the believer’s position and security in Christ that can revolutionize your intimacy with God. These topics form the basis for a stable and growing walk with God and the basis for many of the Ladies studies. Check out the latest NH ladies study to discover a safe environment to ask questions, seek truth and meet others with the same goals.

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Current Bible Study: Revolutionary Faith

Tuesdays | 9 AM & 7 PM | Starting Jan. 12

In “Revolutionary Faith”, we’ll be doing an in-depth study of the book of James. We’ll be using the same study tools that we learned in our previous study of Jude guided by Jen Wilkins. If you missed that study, you can watch all previous sessions on our Facebook page!

There are no accompanying books for this study. All you’ll need is a three-ring notebook.

Tuesdays at 9 AM

Tuesdays at 7 PM


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