Youth Ministry

Can God’s Word Really be TRUE?

Who am I? Who does the world say I am? Who does God declare me to be? New Hope’s youth group provides a safe yet challenging space for you to ponder deep spiritual questions like these. Anything but boring, our youth ministries will blow your mind with:

Deep Bible Teaching

Challenging Service Projects

Life-changing Interaction with Amazing Leaders

What to Expect

Before you decide to check it out you should know who will be there. A leadership team of young professionals with awesome stories about God’s grace for one. For another, there will be people your age, games, and snacks.
What are you waiting for?

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Explained: Why Your Teen is Struggling, And How We Can Help

New Hope’s Student Ministry partners with you to serve you in any way we can. Your son or daughter is in the midst of an incredible journey to find purpose, meaning and direction for his or her life. Our culture will gladly supply answers to these important questions while God’s truth can get drowned out or ignored in a sea of pseudo-answers.

New Hope’s student ministries help your student live life out loud, on purpose, in God’s truth, with God’s strength.

Talk to your student today about joining New Hope’s Student ministries so their faith can grow. Give the student in your life an opportunity you might never have experienced yourself: the chance to grow and love and live life as part of a community of students learning about God’s Word together.

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