Kyle 2023

Kyle Denny

Youth Pastor & Finances

Email: [email protected]

What do you love about what you do at NH?
I love the variety that my job brings. Whether it’s working with the church finances, sitting down with Small Group Leaders, or planning a connection event, every day holds something different.

What year did you join staff?
I joined staff at New Hope Church in March 2017.

How did you come to know Jesus?
My parents raised me in the Catholic Church, but I never had a relationship with Him until college. At MSU I joined an organization called Young Life and was welcomed into a vibrant college community that loved the Lord. It was the patient witness of those around me that God used mightily to teach me about Himself.

What’s your favorite Bible verse?
Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

If you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Sushi, cookies, & Panini’s.

What do you think is the greatest invention of all time?
The snooze button on the alarm clock…or the printing press. I cherish both.