eternity to eternity

Eternity to Eternity Bible Study

Our worldview is our grid through which we interpret every aspect of life. We unknowingly are answering big questions with our worldview that we do not consciously know we are asking. Questions like…

“Who is God?
“Who am I?”
“Why am I here?”

Deep within our psyche we are unconsciously bending our thoughts around our fundamental assumptions about every part of life. God gifted us a psyche with the ability to store our assumptions about reality so we would form correct opinions about Him and make wise, informed decisions throughout our lives. Unfortunately, the broken world we live in has taught us appealing fairy tales about our origins and identity.

Our prayer is that the Eternity to Eternity study will provide correct biblical information that will change our assumptions about what we believe is real and true. In this way, we can begin to worship the God of the Bible instead of worshipping our assumptions and ideas about Him. We pray that you enjoy this study as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. 

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