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Make room

If you had to ‘MAKE ROOM’ for one more thing in your life right now, how would you respond…?

What if that ‘one more thing’ leads to a greater walk with God in 2020?

When it comes to our daily life struggles, the Bible demonstrates that Jesus came to give purpose to your life in the midst of your struggle. That’s right – the one more thing in your life can actually be for your good.

At NH this Christmas season we are addressing these very personal issues as we work through ‘Make Room’: a 3-part series which culminates on Christmas Eve. 

We're celebrating together on Christmas Eve. Come join us!

Christmas Eve Services

3:00 PM

Children’s Ministry for infants – preschoolers

5:00 PM

Children’s Ministry for infants – preschoolers

7:00 PM

No Children’s Ministry offered



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