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Parables: The Stories of Jesus

A New Hope Devotional Bible Study

Parables are powerful teaching tools that God uses throughout scripture. When Jesus arrived on earth and announced His kingdom, He experienced immediate opposition from the Jewish religious leadership. The spiritual leaders of Israel remained stubbornly convinced that Jesus could not be the Messiah. To discredit Jesus, they eventually attributed all His miracles to Satan. Throughout this entire rejection process, Jesus used parables to expose their flawed thinking. God desires that what is reality in His throne room be recognized as reality by His people on earth. Like the Pharisees of Jesus’s day, we can find ourselves creating our own realities and as a result fail to join God in what He is doing. When we insist that He share our earthly agenda, it never ends well.

As a staff at New Hope our sincere prayer is that this study might impact your soul. We pray that we all may come to a greater appreciation of God’s nature, His activities, and our responsibility. We care greatly about your spiritual growth and understanding. We pray that you enjoy this study as deeply as we enjoyed creating it for you. 

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Download a digital copy of each devotional below.

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Encounter Jesus One Parable at a Time

Over the course of the next several months, we’ll cover 40 different parables, which are broken down into four devotional books. Each of these books will contain 10 two-page “lessons” that combine the teaching of Jesus’s parables and the historical context they were spoken into. At the end of each lesson, there will be a probing question and a suggested prayer.

Each Sunday, Pastor Mark will introduce a new parable which we will spend the rest of the week studying in our devotional. If you miss a weekend service, you can catch up anytime over in our message section.

To join us on this journey, download copies of the devotionals below or pick up the devotional booklets in the atrium after the services on Sunday morning.

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